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Howell Air Conditioning Installation

Getting quality work for your air conditioning installation is as easy as calling on Chris the HVAC Guy. We are a family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing service excellence to all of our customers. We also have decades of industry-related experience backing us up.

The installation is the most important step; this is what determines how well your cooling system will perform, for years to come. However, even some of the simplest mishandlings during the install process can end up causing your air conditioner to never be fully operational. It might technically work, but will under perform and cost you more in energy bills each month.

Plus, you will find yourself stuck with frequent repair needs and premature replacement, without even ever realizing why. Do not take a gamble with your air conditioning service work. Make it a point to call on true industry Howell, New Jersey Air Conditioning experts, in order to get the best workmanship and finest results.

Skilled Service for Your Air Conditioning Installation

Of course you are going to hire a pro to take care of your air conditioning installation job. Yet how can you monitor to make sure that they are handling the job the way they should be? Some common issues that can arise include:

  • You may end up with the wrong size AC unit. Either the wrong size gets ordered or your “pro” doesn't know how to select the right size. Too small and it will not be able to keep up with the demand. Too large a unit and it will be unable to cycle through proper dehumidification and will wear out from cycling on and off too much.
  • Sloppy electrical work, such as exposed wires, pose a threat to you and your family. This puts you at risk of shock, a house fire or the very real and serious possibility of electrocution. Keep an eye out and make the technician deal with exposed wires before leaving the job.
  • The suction line cannot have right angles. For every right angle, that means 60 feet of resistance. Your AC will have to work too hard to cool your home, which runs up your energy bills, and wears down the system too quickly.

Prompt and Professional Air Conditioning Installation From a Local Expert

Our pros at Chris the HVAC Guy take this line of work seriously and know that it is much about safety as it is comfort. As a family owned and operated business, we only want the best for you. When you find yourself in need of an air conditioning installation, you can count on us.

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