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Expert Heating Repair Services

Howell Heating Repairs

At Chris the HVAC Guy, we don't just do heating repairs, we genuinely enjoy taking care of them. That's good news for you because it means we strive to troubleshoot and repair over opting for replacement. We know that some HVAC contractors push for replacement whenever something goes wrong.

This is generally because they lack the ability to locate the root of the problem, and can make more money with a bigger project. However, we believe in being honest and fair. We will always repair over replace when possible, unless otherwise requested by you, the customer.

No matter how old your system is, if it is possible and more cost-effective to service with repairs, that is the route we will take. All of our team follows the same guidelines set in place by our company founder; we care about our customers and their comfort, and share a passion for helping our community.

Skilled Service for Your Heating Repairs

When we service our residential or commercial clients, we are also addressing the needs of our friends, neighbors and fellow community members. So, it goes without saying, we are dedicated to offering the best service and results possible.

Some common heating repair issues that we run across are:

  • Unfortunately, lack of maintenance is an all too common one. Neglecting to get service and a tune-up throughout the years can lead to bigger problems. Make it a point to address your system's need for ongoing service, it is more cost-effective than facing emergency repairs or the need for emergency replacement.
  • The thermostat is the entire brain of the system. So, if something malfunctions with that, you can be certain the rest of your heating and cooling system will fail. Luckily, these can often be easy fixes.
  • Believe it or not, dirty or clogged filters are another common problem. The forced air has to pass through the filter, which is meant to be changed each month. However, since it rarely is changed or even cleaned, on a regular basis, it becomes clogged. When air cannot pass through the filter, you are going to end up with serious problems.

Prompt and Professional Heating Repairs from a Local Expert

When you find yourself in need of heating repairs, the Howell, New Jersey heating contractor to trust is Chris the HVAC Guy. There are no residential or commercial heating repair problems that we cannot handle.

Don't settle for inferior workmanship or pay too much for decent heating services. Let us show you, firsthand, how we earned the impeccable reputation that we have.

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